недеља, 23. јул 2017.

EuReCa Two - Evropski program pracenja epidemiologije srcanog zastoja

Saopstenje Evropskog Resuscitacionog saveta 

EuReCa TWO launched - Reykjavik!
First of all, thanks to all of you who attended the EuReCa symposium at the excellent ERC Reykjavik Conference.

If you weren’t able to make it to Iceland, please be assured that your contribution to EuReCa ONE was acknowledged in the well attended EuReCa symposium. The EuReCa project received special mention in the Opening ceremony and was praised by both the departing and incoming ERC Chairpersons in the Closing Ceremony. EuReCa is most definitely on the ERC map for the future!
Plans for EuReCa TWO were announced at the EuReCa Symposium. Some of the key activities are:
  • April 2017: Survey to define ‘What is a Bystander’. Despite the widespread acceptance of the Utstein definitions, the definition of bystander differs from country to country. The purpose of this survey will be to understand the different types of EMS and bystanders in each of our countries. This will allow us to derive definitions that truly describe the different types of bystanders and make sure we have a common understanding of bystander CPR and bystander defibrillation. The aim is to distribute the survey to National Coordinators during October 2016 and to have the results of the survey ready in early 2017, and to produce the dataset for EuReCa TWO soon after
  • May 2017: National Coordinator meeting, EMS Copenhagen. During EMS Copenhagen there will be a meeting for all NCs participating in EuReCa TWO. One of the key activities at this meeting will be to ensure that all participating NCs have signed the Memorandum of Understanding for participation in EuReCa TWO. Unfortunately it will be necessary for each country to fund their own attendance for this meeting, so hopefully you can build this requirement into your budget plans for 2017
  • September 2017: ERC Congress, Frieburg im Breisgau, Germany. During congress, there will be a meeting where we can discuss data collection and quality control. Data collection for EuReCa TWO will begin on the day after congress, so we hope you will join us in Germany for the launch of our ambitious project
  • October to December 2017: EuReCa TWO data collection. EuReCa TWO data collection will be for three months. During this time, the Steering Committee and Study Management Team will host regular teleconferences and make available a helpline for all NCs
  • April 2018: Deadline for data submission to EuReCa TWO: One of the key aims of EuReCa is to encourage quality data collection across participating countries. In order to ensure data analysis can be carried out efficiently, it will be necessary to impose a cut-off date for data submission. National Coordinators will be asked to commit to the submission of comprehensive, quality controlled data by April 2018 in order to participate in EuReCa TWO
  • October 2018: Presentation of preliminary EuReCa TWO results and ERC Congress 2018: We hope to have the pleasure of presenting the preliminary results of EuReCa TWO at ERC Congress 2018.
  • December 2018: Submission for Publication: As for EuReCa ONE, we will aim to publish our results in a prestigious scientific journal. Research Proposals for EuReCa ONE subgroup analysis. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted research ideas for subgroup analysis for EuReCa-ONE
The Steering committee and Study Management Team will be happy to support you in your study and Prof. Lefering is available to provide assistance with statistical analysis. National Coordinators for EuReCa TWO It is a pleasure to report that most of our existing
National Coordinators will continue as part of the EuReCa family for the EuReCa TWO project, and also a pleasure to welcome new members. Below is the current list of National Coordinators, Steering Committee members and Study Management Team members. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and to a successful EuReCa TWO project!